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Congratulations to the champions and trophy winners in all divisions!
All ties will receive a trophy as soon as they have been made

The future development of EC and how we can make this year reflect what PDGA Europe hopes to do in the future is the focus of this year’s European Disc Golf Championships.
EC has to develop an identity of its own - with the creation of the European Open and PDGA Majors this is at risk. EC has been an important event in the European calendar for over 30 years, long before the creation of PDGA Europe. It used to be the event at which the best players in Europe would win their divisions. It was the largest and best attended event, with the largest number of countries. Today that status has changed. It is still the largest with the most countries competing but it is not attracting the top players, probably because it is hard to compete with the prize money offered elsewhere. So, we propose that EC become a Nations event - which is how this year has been organised.  Each player representing their country can demonstrate their skills in a European Nations Championships as well as individually.

So, for this year we are making the main focus of EC on wining the Nations Cup! This has been done before on an informal basis with the top three players in each division being given points and the total added to find first place. Now we would like to try a more inclusive system, involving a lot more players - where coming 20th means players will earn points for their country.

The top 20 players in each Division will earn points for their country. Where there are less than 20 players points will still be given on the pro-rata basis outlined in the tables below.

Place Points
1 30
2 27
3 24
4 22
5 20
6 18
7 16
8 14
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 6
19 2
20 1

We will put this system into place with daily updates of national positions as well as individuals and see how the players respond.

It does not mean that the individual titles for each division are less important than they were - but it does mean that there will be a much higher level of inter-nation competition which we believe will enhance the whole event and establish a new identity for the European Disc Golf Championships.


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