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Congratulations to the champions and trophy winners in all divisions!
All ties will receive a trophy as soon as they have been made

Dear All National Reps - Please find below all the arrangements for Registration of players and Practice Procedures for the European Championships.


No individual players can Register themselves. All Registration details will be co-ordimnated by yourselves or your nominated Team Captains.

Registration Times

The Registration Office, in the Ivor Crewe Building, will be open between
14.00 and 16.00 - Monday 13th August
10.00 and 12.00 - Tuesday 14th August

Registration will involve:

  • Confirmation of all players in each National Team, including accommodation allocation.
  • Full timetable of events (available now on the website under 'Schedule')
  • Payment of any late fees
  • Purchase of any extra services, including BBQ tickets
  • Distribution of Players Pack
  • Parking Permits for those with cars if they are staying on campus
  • Wi-fi codes for each room allocated

Please note that all individual players staying on campus should go to the Venue Essex Office to register as guests and collect their room keys and campus information.

We cannot stress strongly enough that you should make sure that ALL your team players should have all the information they need once they arrive at Essex. Most of it is available on the website, the rest has been sent to you over the past six months. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the details concerning the Rules and Regulations of the University concerning the behaviour of players, responsibility for their rooms and rules regarding room sharing. If you do not remember this, then simply put players must not share rooms, unless they are doubles, and will be asked to leave campus if they are found doing so. This will, in turn, disqualify them from the tournament.

Please also remind your players about individual medical and personal insurance, especially if your country is not a member of the European Union.

Practice Procedures

All players must follow the practice procedures that are set out below. The practice days are part of the whole event and are subject to full PDGA Tournament guidelines.
EC Staff will have the authority to implement the procedures below and report individual players to the disciplinary committee if they are judged to be delaying others or not following the guidelines.

The Practice Days are Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th August.

Practice times are:

  • Monday 13th August - 7.30 - 17.00 (last start time)
  • Tuesday 14th August - 7.30 - 15.00 (last start time)


  • There are 196 players who will need to practice on each of the 2 official Practice Days.
  • Players who wish to practice MUST book a practice start time at the Ivor Crewe Lecture Building from Sunday 12th August onwards.
  • All practice groups must start from Hole 1.
  • Practice groups must not be larger than 4.
  • Practice Groups must complete their practice round within 3 hours.
  • Players may only take 1 (one) practice round per day
  • Players may take 2 drives from each tee, but no more
  • Players may take only 1 putt at each hole.
  • There are 6 extra baskets to practice putting.
  • There is a driving range to practice and warm up for drives.
  • Players will be encouraged to speed up if they are behind their schedule or holding other players up.
  • Groups will be asked to leave the course if they exceed their three hour time limit.


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