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British Disc Golf Association PDGA Europe Disc Zoo

Tournament Page on PDGA web site

Congratulations to the champions and trophy winners in all divisions!
All ties will receive a trophy as soon as they have been made

The PDGA Europe European Championships in 2012 are shaping up to be one of the best events of recent years. And you can be part of it, as a player or as a staff member, or both. The table below outlines the staff that are needed for this event and we are recruiting from today.

* We are offering every country a half-price accommodation deal in return for 5 hours of your day during the event, to be part of the set-up team, course team or scoring team. So if you want to be part of EC 2012, or have a partner, relation or friend who would like to be there please contact us and become a staff member.

* We would also like every country to be represented at each hole on the course where you will have a chance to promote your own Association, your own sponsors and offer players passing through the chance of sharing your Disc Golf culture (banners, flags, history and maybe a few goodies ). Each country that accepts this offer will also be offered half price B&B for one person of your choice in return for being course staff.

* For UK staff, especially those who live locally, there will be a special rate for all staff plus a staff package of discs, shirts and

+ We are also offering free accommodation (Bed and Breakfast) to staff who are willing to take on more responsibility for the organisation of the event. These staff will receive free accommodation and be part of the core team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

+ Core Staff * General Staff
agreed benefits, as described above variable benefits, mainly half price accommodation as described above

Apart from the planning meetings by mail the actual commitments are outlined below.

Task Name Start Date Time Commitment Benefits
Event Director Charlie Mead Now As required  
+ Tournament Director     Week of event B&B
+ Head of Statistics Tom Lowes   Week of event B&B
+ Course Directors - PDGA Official Darius Gricius
Gabrielius Gricius
Derek Robins
  Part of each day of event B&B
+ Media - Press Relations   Now Regular input and from 13th August B&B
+ Public Relations - getting publiv involved, schools etc. Matt Cutler
Catch the Spirit
Now Regular input and from 13th August B&B
+ Marketing and Promotions - creation and distribution of posters, banners. Working with design team Maggi Gardedner Now As required B&B
Design - Maps, Caddy book, posters, banners, signage Nige Williams
Disc Zoo
March 1st As required To be agreed
Design - Discs, T-Shirts   Now As required To be agreed
+ Web promotion and Sales Nigel Williams
Disc Zoo
Now As required B&B
* Scoring Team x 4 Bruce Webber
Jester Wilson
15th August 5 hour shifts To be agreed
* Course set-up and take down x 6 James Luton
KJ Nybo
Eva Trottein
12th & 19th August 5 hour shifts To be agreed
* Tournament staff x 36 - Course management, registration, Sales and Events Matthijs Muis
Eva Trottein
James Luton
Darius Gricius
Gabrielius Gricius
Pranciskus Gricius
Mark Davies
Gary O’Malley
Sian Lee
Cindy Friedman
Paul Holden
Aussie Jason
15th August 5 hour shifts and as needed To be agreed



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