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British Disc Golf Association PDGA Europe Disc Zoo

Tournament Page on PDGA web site

Congratulations to the champions and trophy winners in all divisions!
All ties will receive a trophy as soon as they have been made

Course details and notes are below. Please see Course Maps for detailed course map and individual hole maps.

Download your complete EC2012 Map Pack!
Click Here
(zip file : 4.85MB)

Please note: There will not be a Player's Caddy Book and individuals should download the maps and holes onto their Phones, iPads etc, or print them off before they arrive.

Hole Metres Yards Elevation Par Notes
1 176 192 -3m 4 Mandatory Right. OB path right and path beyond and left of hole. OB Car Park
2 87 95 -5m 3 Mandatory Left. OB paths left and beyond hole
3 80 88 +3m 3 Two Double Mandatories. OB path beyond the hole.
4 178 195 0m 4 OB Lake and Road on Right
5 76 83 -5m 3 OB Lake
6 145 159 +1m 4 OB Lake
7 212 232 -3m 5 Two Mandatories Right. OB Lake
8 210 230 0m 4  
9 102 111 0m 4 OB path on left and marked area.
10 222 243 -4m 4  
11 81 89 -3m 3  
12 124 135 0m 3 Mandatory Left and OB Lake
13 171 187 -4m 4 Mandatory Left. OB paths to left of tee and beyond hole
14 129 141 +3m 4 Mandatory Left. OB paths to left of hole
15 203 222 +1m 4 OB Road defined by the kerbs
16 175 191 +8m 4 OB Marked area
17 112 122 0m 3 OB Road and paths beyond hole
18 95 104 0m 3 OB Tennis courts and path beyond hole

Total 2578 2819   65  

Rules of Play.

PDGA Rules will apply except where dispensation has been given by the PDGA Tour Manager for the following local rules:

  • All buildings are OB. Hitting or entering a building will incur a one stroke penalty.
  • The next shot will be played from where the disc lands unless a further building obstruction exists. If this is the case then relief will be given in a straight line back towards the previous lie with no further loss of strokes. An example of this might be a disc entering a building through a door or window or coming to rest below or above ground level.
  • Buildings shall be defined as fully enclosed structures, either permanent or temporary. These are all marked clearly on the individual hole maps. Statues and other works of art are not regarded as buildings. Steel structures bound onto buildings (Hole 14) are not regarded as buildings or part of that building.
  • There will be no 2 metre rule


  • All water is OB unless it is casual water due to rain on the course. Discs coming to land within the marked OB area at the edge of any lake or in the lake shall be OB and incur a penalty stroke. The next shot shall be taken from the point of entry of the disc into the OB zone except for Hole 6 where a Drop Zone has been specifically provided for tee shots that land OB . (Rule 803.09)
  • Players may choose to tee from the Drop Zone on Hole 6 as their third shot.
  • Players may, of course, choose to re-tee if they wish to (803.06)
  • A throw that misses a Mandatory AND hits a building shall be penalised only one shot. In this case normal rules for Mandatories shall apply (803.12 C and E) and the next shot shall be taken from the designated Drop Zone.
  • All Mandatory obstacles shall have designated Drop Zones within 5 metres of the mandatory and one metre behind (803.12C).

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